About the Executive's Guide to Social Networks

As the economy becomes more dynamic and volatile, networks become important because people help people to overcome their limitations. People globally are rapidly transitioning to relationships based on interest rather than geography. Using networks like LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Bebo and Quora, people can find each other, share knowledge and mobilize for action extremely quickly. This increases human potential and disruption. Learning how to grasp and use this new ability effectively is critical to everyone, at all levels. It is what the Executive’s Guide is all about.

How to Use the Guides

The Executive’s Guide to Social Networks comprises platform-specific sections (i.e. “LinkedIn”) as well as analysis of social network adoption and hands-on guides on how to develop relationships and opportunity within platforms.

Access platform-specific guides under the black horizontal navigation bar (where you found this page). Each guide contains these sections:

  • Posts by EGSN shows the three latest, with links to more (see AllPosts, below).
  • Best of the Web contains EGSN hand-picked articles/posts on enterprise use of platforms like LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook, etc.
  • Case Studies assembles EGSN-selected examples of platforms in action; in selecting case studies, I invoke my bias for substance and analysis, so these are the meatiest I can find.
  • Ask the Guide is a forum in which you can ask us your questions about using platforms.
  • Reference offers EGSN core posts on each platform.
  • Services briefly outlines how we guide enterprises in using platforms.
  • Some guides contain extra sections, for example, Twitter has free courses.

Access analysis & hands-on guides via AllPosts in the black navigation bar:

  • AllPosts are EGSN posts about LinkedIn (Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, Google+). When you are in the AllPosts part of the site, the right sidebar has dropdown menus that help you quickly find thought leadership:
    • Choose the “LinkedIn” category to read posts focused on LinkedIn
    • Choose the “LinkedIn” tag to read posts about social networks that mention LinkedIn

Feel free to learn more about Executive’s Guides, CSRA or the Founder under the “About” menu in the main navigation bar.

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