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Executive's Guide to Blogs: Best of the WebBlogs pre-date social network platforms and were one of the first examples of Web 2.0, peer-to-peer technologies. WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and others have become technology platforms with vast ecosystems of plugin and template makers and a slew of other services. As with other Executive’s Guides, our focus here is how brands, businesses and executives can use blogs to create unusual business value.

The posts I select are largely focused on enterprise applications of trust- and relationship-building because these lead to business and profit. You can let EGSN curate the best posts for you by bookmarking this page and checking whenever you want the best of blog strategy and tactics. I add posts to the collection several times per week on average.

Blogs Best of the Web
2019 list of free blogging platforms
Detailed review/comparison of Disqus IntenseDebate LiveFyre #blog #comment
Great guidance for recovering from various #workpress #admin issues
How to mass-update blog links & images after a hosting migration: UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content=(REPLACE (post_content, '<old url>','<new url>'));
USEFUL guide to #Medium #blog & #socialnetwork platform | fascinating co-publishing options
Superb explanation, how-to & links for #ethnographic research of #socialmedia & digital ethnography + example
Report shares many interesting stats from marketing survey (although bias self-evident)
Useful *general* guidelines qualify when using: YOUR readers probably have different preferences so test
Explains 6 key Google Analytics metrics relevant to blogs
Long list of #SocialMedia #digital #marketing #statistics
Useful: How to get the most value from #blog comments + why to avoid comment services (Disqus)
Succinctly discusses the impact of blog comments on SEO, post-Penguin + short how-to
USEFUL side-by-side comparison of major blog platforms, cloud and self-hosted #kudos
Useful account of user of typepad and wordpress, shows value propositions of each
Short comparisons of blogging platforms
Useful stats: social platforms' 2014 users, monthly active users, etc #infographic
Personal account of major weight loss, tummy tuck, thigh lift and working out

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