Executive's Guide to Blogs: Best of the Web

This page assembles the best case studies for blogs I can find of useful and interesting applications of blogs to business. To make this list, a “case study” has to be more in-depth than the majority of the social media examples that often lack detail and business focus.

Get the most out of them by not taking them literally: think a bit more abstractly, and you’ll find it easier to apply the ideas to your business. Of course, the challenge is what it has always been: aggregate the audience and deliver value to maintain attention, engagement and results.

Check back often because this page is usually updated several times a week.

Blogs Case Studies
CC Dir. Marketing debunks social media conventional wisdom; treats social as marketing
Summarizes Mayo's use of social media platforms
Short descriptions of how Mayo Clinic uses major platforms
RARE Booth economics professor's experience producing/teaching #MOOCs (online social networked courses) - many insights
Social media director lays out social business strategy & adoption
Local Chicago bakery shuns storefront in favor of #SocialBusiness, networks on #Twitter #LinkedIn & #blogs
Indium a couple years on: ROI stat: same number of trade show leads at 25% of the cost: "relationship" pre-sells, no booth babes
Valuable early case study of Indium blogging
Valuable brief thoughts on B2B blogging value proposition for manufacturing & engineering
Great case study for auto dealer's lessons learnt from using blog, Facebook, Twitter and others, and how to synergize with website
Excellent manufacturing/engineering blogging case study: how to motivate expert/specialist engineers to blog
Solid B2B case study, although still emphasizes marketing metrics over business results
B2B manufacturer sees great results through engineer blogs
Integrated approach using social platforms and website
Excellent story: giving volunteer students guidance and letting them run with it
Excellent, personal & detailed case study of social business adoption by the City of Ottawa #li 
Excellent case study/problem solving about Club communications and marketing challenges, at club and country levels
Excellent trove of innovation interviews
Contrasts positive & negative blogger spins on social for banking

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