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Executive's Guide to FacebookThe Executive’s Guide to Facebook educates executives about the strategic value of Facebook as a means to drive intimacy and engagement among their stakeholders. Our point of distinction is our unwavering focus on applying Facebook to business processes. CSRA launched the Executive’s Guide to Facebook in Q4 2009 to apply the renowned methodology of the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn to Facebook, so we bring rigor to the practical aspects of applying (relatively) immature technology and behavior to high-value business processes. The Guide to Facebook is informed by my insights from rigorous client work.

Access the Guide to Facebook sections under the Facebook menu in the horizontal navigation bar, or directly from this page. Return here from any section of the Guide to Facebook by clicking its logo. EGSN Posts are my thought leadership. Best of the Web are hand-picked by me; Case Studies are the best examples I can find.

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Facebook Case Studies

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Must-read resources for understanding Facebook’s potential:

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