Facebook Ask the Guide

Executive's Guide to Facebook: Ask the GuideIf you have questions about how to use Facebook to create business value for your firm or yourself personally, we invite you to submit them here, and The Guide will answer them. Especially, try questions about:

  • Creating and managing a Profile, Page or Group that attracts the people you want
  • Tech glitches with various email addresses
  • How to invite people so they approve your invitations more often
  • Questions about Facebook and privacy
  • How you can search Facebook more easily
  • How to respond to invitations without offending people
  • Why you should use Questions and other Facebook applications.. and how
  • When Facebook doesn’t seem to work like I think it should
  • Dealing with Facebook hacks or spam

How to Ask the Guide

  • First, search EGSN Facebook posts for the kind of information you need; chances are, there’s a post that offers in-depth advice.
  • If you don’t find just what you need, just stroll down and hit the “Post a Comment” link on this page.
  • Try to help The Guide to help you by asking your question as specifically as possible. Thanks!

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