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Executive's Guide to Facebook: Best of the WebFacebook is rapidly becoming one of the premier advertising, promotion and news delivery platforms, so here we cull some of the most interesting stories about Facebook that are relevant to executives and enterprises. Since the platform is so dominant, I also focus on Facebook-the-company as well as its tools, features and policies. Since Guide to Facebook is grounded in advising brands and individuals in using Facebook to develop relationships and profits, that ethos carries over to these links as well.

This page is often updated several times per day. Feel free to use it as a filter to select and share items that relate to Facebook-driven innovation at companies and government agencies–as well as individuals who are using Facebook creatively and effectively.

Facebook Best of the Web
Women of color banding together and supporting each other in cycling
Why Meetup agreed to be acquired by WeWork: to scale globally its community-building mission
Great and timely discussion; comments are a must-read, too
Beautiful Twitter feed shares Native American wisdom, culture, photos #kudos https://www.facebook.com/Nativeamericanquotesandproverbs/
Mustsee: the hidden influence of digital devices and social media: Thanks @gooddirt
Superb: Get behind-the-scenes looks with #Socialmedia #College #tours plus physical #campus #visits
Some nuances of profile–page relationships in #facebook
Useful insight: How Whisper marries #privacy & #advertising in its #business #model #trust
Brands pull ads when Google won't guarantee that ads won't appear alongside "objectionable" content
USEFUL insight into humans' algorithmic present, and future #AI #ML #autonomous #car
Crowdsourced zine featuring wackiness on the CTA
Trying to teach machines "common sense" - a flawed concept in general

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