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Executive's Guide to Facebook: Best of the WebFacebook is rapidly becoming one of the premier advertising, promotion and news delivery platforms, so here we cull some of the most interesting stories about Facebook that are relevant to executives and enterprises. Since the platform is so dominant, I also focus on Facebook-the-company as well as its tools, features and policies. Since Guide to Facebook is grounded in advising brands and individuals in using Facebook to develop relationships and profits, that ethos carries over to these links as well.

This page is often updated several times per day. Feel free to use it as a filter to select and share items that relate to Facebook-driven innovation at companies and government agencies–as well as individuals who are using Facebook creatively and effectively.

Facebook Best of the Web
How Sandberg and Zuckerberg act with expediency, not honesty, and harmed the firm [#Facebook is getting uglier like a tobacco company]
Exploring a purported crackdown of independent media #SocialMedia accounts
The global “@facebook”: cities, police, smartphones, cameras track your every move, without your consent
Superb: Why “tech #humanism” could help #SilconValley maintain its #monopoly on our attention—and how to democratize #tech
Employees of SiliconValley platforms air regrets & give insights into how toxic #socialmedia & #internet #advertising happened + links to in-depth posts
Must-read: Crystallizes the difference b/t user data, which they own, and metadata about user behavior, which #facebook owns
Anticipating Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress. Selling members’ personal data to advertisers is the key money engine of @facebook. Moreover, the data enables prediction of highly private things about you
How #Facebook is becoming a global #surveillance, #censor & control platform, goaded by governments trying to combat terrorism
#GoogleNow @Amazon #Alexa patent applications reveal surveillance-quality hardware & software capabilities; They already record more than they say
Connecting people can enable terror, but more good than bad, so we have to accept it— (paraphrased) says @Facebook executive
How to #resist @facebook @google #social #network use of your private data: Growing backlash vs data harvesting, profiling, manipulation
Why I don’t use Facebook apps (too much information) #deletefacebook movement
Yet another investigation w a Russia connection, this time in the UK, involving Trump campaign
New model of #venture #capital invests in #social #impact, automates VC evaluation to remove bias
How Facebook advertising and #SocialMedia tools were made to order for russia influencing 2016 usa president election
Another reason why I do not #trust #Facebook: Most of its "child experts" have financial ties with it, and it kept obvious #child #development experts
Revealing if unsurprising: #facebook #defaults violate #German #privacy law (& my personal preferences ;^) - #Messenger a culprit
US firms putting foot in mouth in #China incurring official and #SocialMedia wrath

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