Executive's Guide to Google+: Best of the WebGoogle+ is steadily emerging as a force in the social ecosystem, so here we cull some of the most interesting stories about how Google+ compares to dominant players Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others—with particular attention to their relevance to executives and enterprises.

This page is often updated several times per week. Feel free to use it as a filter to select and share items that relate to how individuals, companies and government agencies are experimenting and innovating with Google+.

Google+ Best of the Web
Microsoft shows it’s not getting the price message, fails to disrupt the iPad/Chromebook tablet duopoly
Superb: Why “tech #humanism” could help #SilconValley maintain its #monopoly on our attention—and how to democratize #tech
Employees of SiliconValley platforms air regrets & give insights into how toxic #socialmedia & #internet #advertising happened + links to in-depth posts
How #Facebook is becoming a global #surveillance, #censor & control platform, goaded by governments trying to combat terrorism
#GoogleNow @Amazon #Alexa patent applications reveal surveillance-quality hardware & software capabilities; They already record more than they say
How to #resist @facebook @google #social #network use of your private data: Growing backlash vs data harvesting, profiling, manipulation
Ex-Google engineer wants to liberate us from #devices that are deliberately #designed to be #addictive
Fascinating detail on complexity involved in hardware & software devt
Great and timely discussion; comments are a must-read, too
Mustsee: the hidden influence of digital devices and social media: Thanks @gooddirt
Useful insight into using Gmail w other email accts
Food 4 thought: How #hightech is eliminating #humans, what it may mean #kudos
Brands pull ads when Google won't guarantee that ads won't appear alongside "objectionable" content
Amping up the creep factor: App claims to read your emotions and share them
USEFUL insight into humans' algorithmic present, and future #AI #ML #autonomous #car
Comparison of 4 players in #digital #concierge market #Apple #Google #Amazon #Microsoft smart home car
Useful description of how AI/ML works, w Google examples [intermediate techspeak]
MUSTread: #PDAs & #concierges snoop on you after the fact--by court order
@Google #jigsaw: Tries to protect people against cyber bullying [but nuance is everything, machines need work]

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