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The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn debuted CSRA’s “Executive’s Guides” in 2007, and it still offers a unique two-fold value proposition: 1) it supports executives as individuals to use LinkedIn to boost their personal competitiveness; 2) it advises leaders on how to use LinkedIn in their firms and brands. The Guide aims to provide the robust detail that is given short shrift in most LinkedIn blogs—as I am a management consultant, not a writer, I can go in-depth since I advise and practice strategy and tactics.

Access the Guide to LinkedIn sections under the LinkedIn menu in the horizontal navigation bar, or directly from this page. Return here from any section of the Guide to LinkedIn by clicking its logo. EGSN Posts are my thought leadership. Best of the Web are hand-picked by me; Case Studies are the best examples I can find.

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Must-read resources for understanding LinkedIn’s potential:

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