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Executive's Guide to LinkedIn logoIf you have questions about how to use LinkedIn to create business value, I invite you to submit them below, and The Guide will answer them. Especially, try questions about:

  • Increasing the quality of prospect pipeline for sales
  • Recruiting high-quality candidates
  • Creating an alumni network for your firm, school or personal use
  • Creating and managing a profile that attracts the people you want
  • Tech glitches with various email addresses
  • How to invite people so they approve your invitations more often
  • Questions about LinkedIn and privacy
  • What can you use LinkedIn Search for
  • How to respond to invitations without offending people
  • Using LinkedIn Groups
  • When LinkedIn doesn’t seem to work like I think it should

How to Ask the Guide

  • First, search EGSN LinkedIn posts for the kind of information you need; chances are, there’s a post that offers in-depth advice.
  • If you don’t find just what you need, just stroll down and hit the “Post a Comment” link on this page.
  • Try to help The Guide to help you by asking your question as specifically as possible. Thanks!

2 comments to Ask the Guide

  • Hi –
    How can I delete/edit the Public Profile email address at my LinkedIn posting page?
    It currently shows an outdated email address that I cannot figure out how to change.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Gene, the first thing I’d do is go to “settings” (, then “email addresses”; what is shown there? I’ll bet that you have several, and the unwanted email is set to the “primary” email. You cannot delete a primary email when it is set to primary. What you can do is change the primary to your desired email address, which should then be shown on your public profile. Then you can delete the old, unwanted email.

      A possible confounding wrinkle is, what email address do you use to log in? If your browser logs you in automatically, that could make it harder to get rid of that email. In that case, under settings, change your login before you do the steps I suggested above.

      Please let me know if this works.

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