LinkedIn Case Studies

Here are my picks for useful and interesting applications of LinkedIn to business. Because LinkedIn specializes in facilitating executive relationships, its members are often quite conservative when pushing the envelope by using a public social network. Hence, there are fewer case studies in LinkedIn than elsewhere, but they will increasingly surface in 2011-2012. Here we will highlight individuals’ and organizations’ uses of LinkedIn to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Check back regularly because I update this page several times a month.

LinkedIn Case Studies: Notable Business Uses of LinkedIn

Local Chicago bakery shuns storefront in favor of #SocialBusiness, networks on #Twitter #LinkedIn & #blogs
Interview with State Farm shares their social business approach to empowering agents on major platforms
CASEstudy: Financial services firm grows at competitors' expense by using LinkedIn, Twitter & legacy communications. Notice that Jefferson, an investments firm, engaged its channel (financial advisors), using LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and legacy marcom. Their momentum enabled them to maintain their pricing while competitors felt compelled to lower theirs. Another powerful lesson is, during "downturns," don't follow the herd and cut sales and marketing investments, especially when you can use social business to magnify impact as Jefferson did. Well done! #li
Solid LinkedIn case study & inconclusive comparison to Facebook & Twitter results
Integrated approach using social platforms and website
No LinkedIn reference but very relevant to scenario
Crossborder Linkedin success story
6 LinkedIn casestudy briefs Thx @fredcadena ! #li
Screen shots also show the importance of Tweeps' other social media presence
Nice comments from lawyers on how they're using blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin
Excellent job search story of Chicago CMO using LinkedIn
Innovative use of LinkedIn for R&D and marketing
Good examples, figures on Linkedin users, demographic info & career stories
Brief thread on how marketing people are using LinkedIn to land jobs.. not too many successes yet that people are talking about

More LinkedIn case studies

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