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Executive's Guide to Other Platforms: Best of the WebIf you have questions about how to use platforms not covered under other Executive’s Guides to create business value for your firm or yourself personally, I invite you to submit them here, and The Guide will answer them. Especially, try questions about:

  • Is Pinterest worthy of all the hype?
  • How is geosocial like mobile social?
  • Should we bother with Foursquare? What’s the business case?
  • Why did Facebook buy Tumblr?
  • What’s Quora?
  • What are other hot emerging platforms?

How to Ask the Guide

  • First, search EGSN posts for the kind of information you need; chances are, there’s a post that offers in-depth advice.
  • If you don’t find just what you need, just stroll down and hit the “Post a Comment” link on this page.
  • Try to help The Guide to help you by asking your question as specifically as possible. Thanks!

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