Five Tips for Social Networking, with John Hagel & John Seely Brown

In Five Tips for Smarter Social Networking in their Big Shift Harvard Business Review blog, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown offer solid advice for executives who want to get traction with social networks, some of which might surprise you. It’s valuable for executives from individual and company perspectives. Here’s the post, and here’s my response, which builds and extends some of their points:

John2, thanks for very solid advice all around. However, I totally agree with @cole, to be most productive as an individual or an enterprise, you must have an explicit strategy. An enterprise is an orchestra, so defining key goals and techniques, without dictating, is critical for success. This includes giving guidance and space for employees to pursue their personal branding, by resonating with the enterprise.


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Leaving Messages: Comparing Twitter, Text Messaging and Voice Mail

reflection.pngToday an executive asked me to explain the value of Twitter versus voice mail for a particular mobility use case: she is at a business gathering and talking to “Jack,” someone whom “Barbara,” a friend of hers would like to meet (Barbara isn’t at the gathering but might be able to come by). Should she voice mail or send Barbara a tweet with the Jack’s information and willingness to connect? Read on to understand some of the nuances and virtues of microblogging (Twitter), SMS (short message service, or “text” messages in U.S. parlance) and voice mail.


Managing Multiple Personalities Online

advice.pngThis weekend I’ve been having fun trying LinkedIn’s new group discussion functionality, and it’s really promising and seems to work well, significantly increasing the value of LinkedIn Groups.

In Tweeple, LinkedIn’s Twitter group, someone asked a great question about whether to have multiple accounts on Twitter, but the questions applies equally to any Web 2.0 venue, like LinkedIn. This has also come up in the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn seminars, whether to risk putting your side real estate business in your LinkedIn Profile, for example. Here are some quick reflections on managing many sides of yourself online.


Leveraging Web 2.0 to Keep Connected with Your Network

advice.pngExecutives of a certain, er, level of experience face an apparent dilemma when they consider using LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 tools: they already have well-developed networks and non-Web 2.0 processes for managing them. Why should they use LinkedIn or other Web 2.0 tools? Aren’t connections best maintained by high value face-to-face lunches, meetings or phone calls?

The answer is, increasingly, “Yes and no.” I encourage you to consider these tools to supplement your current communications with your network. You will maintain a stronger network if you can communicate specific, relevant information about what you are doing, and these tools can help. Here we will delve into some key Web 2.0 tools’ unique value for enhancing the value of networks by keeping in touch better.


LinkedIn for Executive Job Search

news_flash.pngYesterday I presented LinkedIn as an executive job search tool to a packed house at St. Chrysostom’s Employment Council (the the Career Transitions Network). It was interesting to focus LinkedIn on a new area of human endeavor, getting a new job.

We had a lively discussion, which I’ll recap briefly before providing links to additional information pertinent to our discussion.

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Mashup of Social Networks and CRM Offers Glimpse of the Future: "Let Prospects Self-Report"

But Facebook Data Tickles Privacy Concerns—Will LinkedIn Seize the Day?


faceforcelogo-sm.jpgAs a presenter at the Social Networking Conference, I was able to catch some excellent presentations, and one of the most eye-opening was Clara Shih’s "Enterprise Mashups: How Facebook Is Changing Sales and Marketing." In a word, Clara and Facebook’s Todd Perry mashed up Facebook and via AppExchange so that a prospect’s profile in Salesforce now includes select Facebook profile information in a separate pane (see illustration, right), providing a much richer "360° view" of the person to Salesforce users. The result is elegant, powerful and pregnant with social and business issues that I’ll explore briefly here.