Social Networking for Professional Services Firms

Pioneers will move first and seize the advantage, putting themselves in the (digital) room, and you will not be there. Therefore, delaying adoption to remain in the realm of the known may be comfortable, but risk increases each quarter because clients are adopting social networks and changing their expectations of their professional services providers. […]

LinkedIn and Facebook: Thumbnail Comparison

Reflecting on using LinkedIn and Facebook for business.. brief comparisons of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter from a business perspective […]

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How Social Networks Change the Rules of Business Development and Profit

How you can use LinkedIn to maximize the number of clients in your portfolio that map to your firm’s unique selling proposition—boosting profitability […]

LinkedIn Crowdsourcing: Writing Questions

LinkedIn is a community of immense talent that you can draw on to solve any challenge you have, any many that you can’t imagine yet. LinkedIn Answers is your window into LinkedIn’s vibrant discussions, which are categorized according to topic area. Although the “Answers” vernacular is idiosyncratic (? ask “questions” to use “Answers”?), the forum […]

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