December Brings Trio of Seminars to Chicago, Cleveland

Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn has slated seminars in Chicago (Dec. 9), Cleveland (Dec. 16) and Chicago-West Suburbs (Dec. 18) to enable forward-thinking business leaders to have fun and productive holidays this year. […]

The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn’s New Seminars Feature Social Networking

Social Networking Innovations in Interactive Learning, Registration

Executive seminars seek motivated people to use LinkedIn to change the rules

news_flash.pngFollowing its successful debut this spring and summer with “Classroom Seminars” with 60-75 participants, the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn will debut a new option in executive learning on October 9 at Chicago’s TechNexus. Dubbed “Collaborative Seminars,” the new series applies social networking to all aspects of the seminars: the sessions themselves are focused on selecting relatively small (maximum 25) groups of participants so that leader Christopher Rollyson can focus on facilitating group interaction as well as LinkedIn best practices.

One of our explicit goals is increasing trust among participants, so they will be able to support each other during and after the seminar, Rollyson said. This is critical after the seminar as well because Alumni continue their learning in our online community. Each highly engaged motivated alum adds to the strength of […]

EGLI Unveils New Fall Seminars with Social Networking Registration

news_flash.pngLinkedIn is about “professional social networking,” and the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn opens the world of LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 venues (sites) to you. Web 2.0 venues can enable you to find and connect with very specific people who have similar interests and concerns, with whom you can collaborate.

For example, LinkedIn and Facebook can help you to locate clients and prospects that have very specific needs you can fill, reducing the sales cycle and increasing revenue per client because the fit is far better. Likewise with business partners, jobs, employees…

In the digital world’s new rules, it pays to be specific because the cost of finding people with specific interests continues to fall dramatically. If you know how to conduct yourself in these venues so that you increase others’ trust and confidence in you, you become far more effective. That’s what we aim to deliver.

Why should EGLI not […]

Save the Date: The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn Seminars Announced in Chicago, Wheaton

seminars.pngI am pleased to announce that I just confirmed two new dates for Chicago-area seminars, LinkedIn Core Value Realization: May 17, 2008 at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center and June 12, 2008 at the IIT Wheaton Campus. In addition, I’m happy to say that my partnership with Samurai on the March 11 launch went really well, so we are moving forward together with the series.


Reflections on the first Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn Seminar

reflection.pngToday was a major milestone for the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn. Partnering with the Samurai Business Group, I launched the EGLI’s public seminar program at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center in front of a sold out crowd of business executives. The seminar, “LinkedIn Core Value Realization,” is designed for experienced LinkedIn users who want to significantly boost their LinkedIn ROI. My two sessions, “The Executive’s Toolbox” and “Template and Technique,” were followed by Samurai Partner Bob Lambert’s “Connecting the Online with the Offline,” which offered some profound insights on trust and networking.

Here I’ll offer you some personal reflections on the topics and the sharing that went on in the room.


New Seminar to Guide Executives in Using LinkedIn

seminars.pngI am pleased to announce that The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn is going on the road! Our first public seminar will be held on 11 March 2008 at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center. The morning seminar’s focus will be helping executives with underutilized Linkedin accounts to take it to the next level by leveraging our planning methodology as well as LinkedIn’s advanced tools.

As you can imagine, I talk with many executives about LinkedIn, and most of them don’t see its real potential because LinkedIn’s tools are not fully explained, and the site doesn’t offer guidance for using it to get results. This seminar addresses the need. Here’s the agenda, and I’ve included some thoughts behind what we’ll do below.