Executive’s Guide to Facebook Launched

The baby is born!.. After struggling to get the last member of the triad out of the gate, we’re finally here. In 2009, have been working with executives around the US to use Facebook for their businesses and personally, and the Executive’s Guide to Facebook will share vital information to help you understand it and create business value. In 2010, expect to see:

Practical guides for using Facebook for business Strategic, breakthrough insights for using Facebook to create better business relationships more quickly How to launch and use Facebook Pages, Groups and other features Strategy and tactics for using Facebook advertising Analyses of misleading media coverage of Facebook Select coverage of Facebook as a company

I invite you to respond in comments with items on your wishlist!

Pre-Launch Resources

Pre-Launch overview of the Executive’s Guide to Twitter […]

In Chicago: LinkedIn’s Promise for Driving Global Relationships

Presenting Linkedin for Cross-border relationships and deals 18 February 2009 in Chicago, hosted by the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce […]

February Events to Feature LinkedIn and Twitter

February 2009 social network events and education: the executive’s guide to Twitter debuts at ITA and the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn seminar series wraps in Wheaton […]

New LinkedIn Seminars in Chicago, Cleveland

Learning how to leverage social networks for business will be one of the top five requirements to thriving in 2009, and LinkedIn is an ideal place to begin because it helps to find opportunity: new customers, partnerships or jobs. The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn has scheduled three new Collaborative Seminars in Chicago and Cleveland. Here is how participants increase their results:

EGLI participants create their individualized LinkedIn plans They learn how to build their networks and manage their time according to the plan They learn how to use LinkedIn’s advanced tools


LinkedIn CEO: LinkedIn’s Challenge: Helping People Understand Professional Networks

Between-the-lines analysis of LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye’s interview for the San Francisco Chronicle: LinkedIn’s biggest challenge is encouraging executive adoption, promoting understanding of LinkedIn’s business value.. nice LinkedIn statistics […]

December Brings Trio of Seminars to Chicago, Cleveland

Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn has slated seminars in Chicago (Dec. 9), Cleveland (Dec. 16) and Chicago-West Suburbs (Dec. 18) to enable forward-thinking business leaders to have fun and productive holidays this year. […]

LinkedIn ROI Success: Business Development in Professional Services

Emerging LinkedIn case studies; here is one in which a LinkedIn member generated a quarter of a million dollars through LinkedIn – plus he landed an SVP job […]

The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn’s New Seminars Feature Social Networking

Social Networking Innovations in Interactive Learning, Registration

Executive seminars seek motivated people to use LinkedIn to change the rules

news_flash.pngFollowing its successful debut this spring and summer with “Classroom Seminars” with 60-75 participants, the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn will debut a new option in executive learning on October 9 at Chicago’s TechNexus. Dubbed “Collaborative Seminars,” the new series applies social networking to all aspects of the seminars: the sessions themselves are focused on selecting relatively small (maximum 25) groups of participants so that leader Christopher Rollyson can focus on facilitating group interaction as well as LinkedIn best practices.

One of our explicit goals is increasing trust among participants, so they will be able to support each other during and after the seminar, Rollyson said. This is critical after the seminar as well because Alumni continue their learning in our online community. Each highly engaged motivated alum adds to the strength of […]

EGLI Unveils New Fall Seminars with Social Networking Registration

news_flash.pngLinkedIn is about “professional social networking,” and the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn opens the world of LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 venues (sites) to you. Web 2.0 venues can enable you to find and connect with very specific people who have similar interests and concerns, with whom you can collaborate.

For example, LinkedIn and Facebook can help you to locate clients and prospects that have very specific needs you can fill, reducing the sales cycle and increasing revenue per client because the fit is far better. Likewise with business partners, jobs, employees…

In the digital world’s new rules, it pays to be specific because the cost of finding people with specific interests continues to fall dramatically. If you know how to conduct yourself in these venues so that you increase others’ trust and confidence in you, you become far more effective. That’s what we aim to deliver.

Why should EGLI not […]