Five Tips for Social Networking, with John Hagel & John Seely Brown

In Five Tips for Smarter Social Networking in their Big Shift Harvard Business Review blog, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown offer solid advice for executives who want to get traction with social networks, some of which might surprise you. It’s valuable for executives from individual and company perspectives. Here’s the post, and here’s my response, which builds and extends some of their points:

John2, thanks for very solid advice all around. However, I totally agree with @cole, to be most productive as an individual or an enterprise, you must have an explicit strategy. An enterprise is an orchestra, so defining key goals and techniques, without dictating, is critical for success. This includes giving guidance and space for employees to pursue their personal branding, by resonating with the enterprise.


Social Networking for Professional Services Firms

Pioneers will move first and seize the advantage, putting themselves in the (digital) room, and you will not be there. Therefore, delaying adoption to remain in the realm of the known may be comfortable, but risk increases each quarter because clients are adopting social networks and changing their expectations of their professional services providers. […]

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Quick Thoughts on LinkedIn and Facebook Business Models

ent2.pngMashable’s article, Biz Networking on Facebook Could Soon Supersede LinkedIn, discussed Facebook’s relative prowess at attracting ad spending and concluded that Facebook was a better venue for business networking. I felt the need to weigh in on that, so I offer my analysis here, which compares certain aspects of each venue’s networking, demographics and strategy.


Managing Multiple Personalities Online

advice.pngThis weekend I’ve been having fun trying LinkedIn’s new group discussion functionality, and it’s really promising and seems to work well, significantly increasing the value of LinkedIn Groups.

In Tweeple, LinkedIn’s Twitter group, someone asked a great question about whether to have multiple accounts on Twitter, but the questions applies equally to any Web 2.0 venue, like LinkedIn. This has also come up in the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn seminars, whether to risk putting your side real estate business in your LinkedIn Profile, for example. Here are some quick reflections on managing many sides of yourself online.