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Just Out: New Social Network Roadmap Provides Risk-managed Approach for Applying Web 2.0 to Business

Public Beta Release at Social Network Conference

Examples of enterprise process innovation feature LinkedIn®

news_flash.pngI am pleased to announce that I beta-released my new social network roadmap at the Social Networking Conference last week in San Francisco. The roadmap helps enterprises to effectively assess, plan and apply social networks’ new technologies and behaviors to business while minimizing risk. It offers a structured approach to evaluating and using social networks for process innovation in marketing, business development, client service, human resources, research & development and others.


Just Released: New LinkedIn Tools for Executives

news_flash.pngThe Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn just put in beta several tools that will help executives to stay in touch with breaking news on LinkedIn. Two custom search engines enable executives to pinpoint articles that are particularly relevant to individual executives as well as corporate leaders. Also included in a real-time collection of our team’s ongoing “Best of LinkedIn” articles. Read on for details on the new tools and how to use them.