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Executive's Guide to TwitterThe Executive’s Guide to Twitter combines emerging good practices, pragmatic advice and vision, so subscribers can act with more certainty when applying microblogging to their businesses and careers. Although the primary focus is using Twitter to innovate business processes, many of the tactics apply to individual executives, who can become more effective as leaders by seeing how Twitter is transforming communication. The Executive’s Guide to Twitter launched in Q2 2009 and also shares my insights from rigorous client work.

Access the Guide to Twitter sections under the Twitter menu in the horizontal navigation bar, or directly from this page. Return here from any section of the Guide to Twitter by clicking its logo. EGSN Posts are my thought leadership. Best of the Web are hand-picked by me; Case Studies are the best examples I can find.

Twitter Best of the Web

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Twitter Case Studies

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Twitter Directory

  • Free Courses offers structured guidance for you to start tweeting better than 99% of others within a few hours
  • Ask the Guide lets you can ask us your Twitter questions.
  • Services outlines how CSRA guides enterprises in using Twitter
  • Directory reveals our 8 Twitter accounts and how you can use them to learn
  • ExecGuide on Twitter

Twitter Reference

Must-read resources for understanding Twitter’s potential:

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