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Executive's Guide to Twitter: Professional ServicesThe Executive’s Guide to Twitter is a professional service offered by CSRA, Inc., which is dedicated to helping leaders succeed with applying Web 2.0 to their businesses. As management consultants specializing in disruptive technology, we advise global enterprises, government agencies and start-ups on:

  • Strategy: Twitter is generating enormous buzz, and it’s natural to want to avoid being left behind. We help you to assess what you could do with Twitter, what examples are useful, business cases, whom to involve, whom you can engage. We work with all types of Web 2.0 applications, so we often advise on picking the right platform, whether Twitter or something else.
  • Implementation: we create cascading pilots to enable your team or partners to learn quickly, so you build the competency necessary to drive a scalable program; our practice is built around mentoring and skills transfer.
  • Our methodology enables you to adopt quickly because risk management is core, so our clients make fewer mistakes than their competitors.¬†We have over 20 years of experience advising executives on adopting disruptive technology.

Questions Often Asked by Our Clients

  • Some of our products are facing significant criticism: how do we deal with that? Do we have to deal with it?
  • Our employees are tweeting, and we don’t know what to do about it.
  • A competitor is generating significant buzz; how do we react without appearing to be copying them?
  • Should we pay people to do this? If so, what should we have them do? Would that be okay?
  • Twitter policy: how to create something that’s practical and won’t make our law firm cringe?
  • Shouldn’t we just pay our PR firm do deal with this? Why or why not?
  • We have had a few surprising successes; how do we judge whether we could succeed more? What milestones do other firms use? ROI models?
  • Isn’t this silly and a waste of time? Could we really make money from this?

These examples are illustrative, not exhaustive. Please contact us to learn more.

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